About Us

The Imperium Group team is a highly skilled group of professionals who have strong financial, strategic, operational, human resource and change management expertise which they are able to provide to the businesses Imperium Group owns to enable these businesses to grow.

The team focuses on

  • The identification and acquisition of profitable growth opportunities;
  • Creating alliances and strategic partnerships that assist in achieving the individual business units corporate objectives;
  • Improving the value of each business over the medium to long term;
  • Achieving and maintaining industry leading results and best practice in all areas of its operations;
  • Conducting its business activities with high ethical standards;
  • Sharing the benefits of success with all stakeholders.


To be a successful investor in small-to-medium size businesses.


Trust, Respect, Leadership, Mutual Obligation and Personal Accountability.


To provide appropriate resources and support the development of our people and the Imperium businesses to achieve above average returns.