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GarageSmart tackles the last frontier in home improvement

Australian-owned GarageSmart Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (“GarageSmart”) is helping families de-clutter their homes by offering a storage solution to better utilize previously wasted space.  “The GarageSmart storage solution is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs and we are giving Australians back their garages,” said GarageSmart Group General Manager, Mr. Hague Shier.

GarageSmart’s customized garage fit-outs are a highly effective solution to the familiar chaos of household garages, and add value, style and organisation to the entire home.  The GarageSmart products are tough, stain resistant and virtually maintenance free and will be the envy of any neighbourhood.

“The average garage is approximately 15-20 per cent of a home’s floor space and is often so poorly used that the family car (s) is parked on the street or in the driveway.  The GarageSmart solution will enable you to hang, shelve and store-away items usually cluttering up the floor of your garage (or shed) such as bikes, golf clubs, surfboards, garden tools, ladders, picnic chairs, hoses/chords, hardware items, paint tins, home office, and other items – storing them safely and making them easily accessible,” said Mr. Shier.

The GarageSmart solution utilizes innovative wall panels that are securely fitted to open-studs, and brick or plastered walls.  Completely movable shelves, hooks and baskets are easily attached in a flexible configuration, and a range of cabinets and other accessories provide a complete garage storage solution that will meet homeowners changing storage needs.

GarageSmart believes the Australian home renovation and improvement market will achieve very strong growth similar to that experienced in the United States (“USA”).  “Demand for storage solutions in the USA is attributable to residential downsizing by the aging population; increasing inner city housing density; and vibrant home renovation activity.  These are relevant social and economic factors that will drive Australian household demand for our garage storage solutions.  The Australian home has historically been a very good investment and our solution adds to the value of the home,” said Mr. Shier.

GarageSmart has made the customer purchase process simple and friendly.  GarageSmart planners visit a customer to provide an obligation-free quote for the best solution to meet their garage storage needs.  GarageSmart solutions start from $500 and the average complete solution of a standard garage is approximately $2,500.  The typical installation process takes between half a day and two days.

New home builders are also able to purchase and self-install the wall panel as an alternative to lining garages with plasterboard.  The adaptability of the GarageSmart solution means that it is well suited to all storage spaces within the home including attics, cellars, stairwells, and laundries.

Purchase enquiries can be made toll-free through 1300 723 917, or through

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